I’m moving on to something that’s pretty important to me – why do we talk to therapists about our struggles? Why are friends “not enough”? What helps in talking and in listening? Why am I asking so many questions? Wait why are you walking away from me?

Mental health, safe spaces and boundaries can be easily confoozled. Boundaries are a big big thing – there’s so much to talk about with how it can be critical – or unhelpful according to some – to improving our mental health. Safe spaces are talked about everywhere, to the point that if you disagree with me, if this space is to remain safe for me, you must leave.

All these struggles give safe spaces and boundaries a bad name, or give them so much weight as if life MUST have such conversations and spaces in order for life to function. I want to step back from that sort of conversation and simply limit it to the idea of mental health struggles, and how they can interplay to provide a space for release and healing. Please join me for this journey.

(I took months to do this series because my struggles have gotten in the way. I hope I can post regularly at least until I finish releasing this series.)