It’s not the loneliness that can get to me sometimes. It’s the illusion of loneliness especially when there’s so much going on behind my eyes that no one can see. It’s not fair to expect everyone – or anyone! – to understand and see the ongoing struggle.

The problem still stands though. No one can see – or hear. Even if they know something is off, it’s an effort to try to explain what’s going on.

That’s why Dave exists – he’s my way of helping others to hear one such conversation. I’m under no illusion that I can even speak for myself at times, so I can’t speak for everyone with depression. But he’s one voice.

And I ask that if you hear Dave’s voice… please find it in yourself to be kind to someone today.

(Also thank you to all my friends and loved ones especially my long suffering wife – you don’t hear or know or understand most of the time, but you call my name, and let me know I’m not alone.)