We’re called to be strong in everything. All the time. For everyone. For every moment and purpose and so on and so forth. Until that moment where we’re not strong enough, and then suddenly we were never strong.

Perhaps true strength isn’t pushing ourselves hard all the time. Perhaps it’s more of lasting the distance. Sitting up when we fall. Taking the next step when there is only an inch of light amidst all the possibilities. Taking a break so that we don’t break.

Perhaps strength can be found in resting.

NUS staff and students: If you feel like you’re struggling with the need to be strong enough, my heart goes out to you. If you need a little boost, and only if you’re up for it, support is available at https://nus.edu.sg/hwb/resource/staff/ or https://nus.edu.sg/hwb/resource/students/ .

Remember: we are all not alone in this.

*This is a paid collaboration with NUS Health & Wellbeing.