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Jan 6Scene Unseen
Jan 17Past Definition
Jan 25Vocalisation
Feb 3Maybe Take A Break
Feb 10What’s Done Is Done
Feb 21Unseen Scene
Feb 23Missed Details
Mar 10Butter Up
Mar 17Faking Well
Mar 28Circuit Overload
May 11Breakdown (Not That Kind)
May 194 Shades Of Gray
Jun 27Grounding Calm
Aug 18Present Sense
Aug 22Brick Laying
Aug 29Valuations
Sep 14Pro… Gress?
Sep 19Pain Buildup
Sep 26Self Assessment
Oct 2Don’t Look Inside
Oct 10Going With The Flow
Oct 10Self Care 1
Oct 10Self Care 2
Oct 10Self Care 3
Oct 10Self Care 4
Nov 7Inner Conversation
Nov 23Critical Evaluation
Dec 11Childish Entrance
Dec 19Ang-Raged Response
Dec 23Stress The Distress