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Jan 2I’ll Listen
Jan 17One-sided conversation
Jan 22The Scream
Jan 31Sleep Yelling
Feb 7Lingering Doubt
Feb 21Missing In Action
Feb 26Putting Things Right
Mar 3A Little Growth
Mar 14Non Verbal Interaction
Mar 28Not Feeling it
Apr 16Finally
Apr 23Back To Form
May 2Trying to Explain
May 17Tears On My Pillow
May 22Confrontation Aversion
Jun 3Explain the Pain
Jun 29Facing the Pain
Sep 5A Beginning Mind
Sep 7Mindful Background
Sep 7Tough Intro
Sep 10Suppression Rejection
Sep 11Gordian Knot
Sep 12Accepting Negatives
Sep 28Choice Focus
Oct 7Relevance to Treatment
Oct 14Putting into Practice
Oct 17First Steps
Nov 2Present Tense
Nov 28Keep It Mindful
Dec 3Baby Steps
Dec 19One Mind Doesn’t Fit All