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Jan 2Surprise Encounters
Jan 3Daddy Issues
Jan 4Explain Yourself
Jan 6Understanding Depression I
Jan 7Understanding Depression II
Jan 8Understanding Depression 3
Jan 9Understanding Depression 4
Jan 11Kids and depression
Jan 14Getting To Know You
Jan 15The Real Surprise
Jan 17Decision Making
Jan 18Beg To Differ
Jan 22The Naming of Hope
Jan 23Deep Thought
Jan 24While We’re At It
Jan 25Supporting Struggle
Jan 26Sip It Up
Jan 27Say No To Drugs
Jan 28It Takes Time
Jan 29Medicine and Depression 1
Jan 30Medicine and Depression 2
Jan 31Medicine and Depression 3
Feb 1Medicine and Depression 4
Feb 2Medicine and Depression 5
Feb 3Understanding ECT 1
Feb 5Understanding ECT 2
Feb 7Understanding ECT 3
Feb 8Understanding rTMS 1
Feb 9Understanding rTMS 2
Feb 12Pause A Bit
Feb 13Don’t Give Up
Feb 14Finding Strength
Feb 16True Selfishness
Feb 17In All Fairness, Again
Feb 18Final Arguments
Feb 20Tears For Fears
Feb 21Priorities
Feb 23Work In Progress
Feb 24I Love Stew
Feb 26Belief System
Feb 27For Well’s Sake
Feb 28Getting Up Pains Redux
Mar 2The Pet Factor
Mar 3Conundrum
Mar 5The Energy Issue
Mar 7Why Energy Matters
Mar 8Using Technology
Mar 9Self Care
Mar 10Prize Fraud
Mar 11Travel Time
Mar 12Exposition
Mar 13Important Stuff
Mar 15Pump It Up
Mar 16No Pain No Gain
Mar 19It All Depends
Mar 20Dinner Topic
Mar 22Portioning Trouble
Mar 26Conflicted
Mar 27Paradoxes of Depression
Mar 28Paradox of Self
Mar 29Paradox of Hope 1
Mar 30Paradox of Hope 2
Apr 2Paradox of Effort
Apr 3Paradox of Life
Apr 4Paradox of Feeling
Apr 5Paradox of Guilt 1
Apr 6Paradox of Guilt 2
Apr 9Paradox of Understanding
Apr 11Depression Episode… 54
Apr 12The Danger of Episodes
Apr 13Paradox of Loneliness
Apr 16Paradox of Assistance
Apr 17The Final Say
Apr 19On The Ball
Apr 20Fun Perspective
Apr 24Psyched Up
Apr 25Take the Plunge
Apr 27First Contact
Apr 30Laying Things Out
May 1Back and Forth
May 2Defence Buildup
May 3A Kick In The
May 4Picking Up the Pieces
May 7Session’s Feelings
May 14Hard Truth
May 15Wait For It
May 16Break Point
May 18Space? What Space?
May 22Understanding Hope
May 23Floral Inquisition
May 25Reluctant Admission
May 28Rapid Fire
May 29Left Behind
May 30Time Replacement
May 31Questions Unanswered
Jun 1Nothing To Be Said
Jun 5Too Much To Say
Jun 6Careless Whisper
Jun 8Avoid Confrontation
Jun 11How Can I Help?
Jun 12Due Consideration
Jun 18Uncomfortable Hearing
Jun 19Suck… Ers.
Jun 20No Good Feels
Jun 22Stick To What You Know
Jun 22Loop the loop
Jun 26New Normal
Jun 27The Next Step
Jun 28Understanding CBT 1
Jun 29Breaking Bad (Circles)
Jul 2Balancing Act
Jul 3Try A Little Bit
Jul 4B Alone
Jul 9Therapist Explained
Jul 11Open Doors
Jul 12Action Reaction
Jul 14Think It Out
Jul 16Get The Trigger
Jul 18Ask Me Why
Jul 18Thoughts Welcome
Jul 19Thought Sample
Jul 20Warming Up
Jul 23Argumentation
Jul 24Fault Lines
Jul 25Negative Examples
Jul 27Compound Issues
Jul 30Thought Replacement
Aug 2The Right Mix
Aug 7Willing To Enjoy
Aug 13Many Happy Returns
Aug 17Passing Comment
Aug 17A Little Too Late
Aug 21Belated Apology
Aug 22Quick Ending
Aug 23Determined
Aug 24Focus!
Aug 27Shared Space
Aug 28Pause For Effect
Aug 30First Impressions
Sep 3Crying Out Loud
Sep 4Let’s Begin
Sep 7Intermission
Sep 7Monologue
Sep 10Setting the Stage
Sep 12Disembodiment
Sep 14A Moment Please
Sep 17A Tribute
Sep 18A Tribute 2
Sep 19A Tribute 3
Sep 20A Tribute 4
Sep 21A Tribute 5
Sep 26Silence is Golden
Sep 27Let’s Do That Again
Sep 28Invalid Response
Oct 1On The Brink
Oct 2Stop Me, Maybe
Oct 3Take A Chance
Oct 8Setting Things Straight
Oct 11Denial In Action
Oct 15When The Smoke Clears
Oct 17True Care
Oct 18It’s Too Late
Oct 19Breathing Room
Oct 22Please Don’t
Oct 23Burst The Dam
Oct 25No Prejudice
Nov 1Keep Questioning
Nov 2Not The Best Medicine
Nov 5That Sums It Up
Nov 9No One Solution
Nov 12Insufficiency
Nov 14Ouchie
Nov 15Applied Learning
Nov 19My Turn
Nov 21True Feelings
Nov 22Hold It Right There
Nov 26Burdened Talk
Nov 27Freedom of Choice
Nov 29The Other Perspective
Dec 3Loving enough to Care
Dec 11It’s My Turn
Dec 12Exit Strategy
Dec 13Ifs and Whats
Dec 17Turning It Around
Dec 19The Chosen One
Dec 27Take a Breath
Dec 28Caveat Hangup